3 Essential Ingredients for Your New Year’s Healthy Resolution: Physician Explains What’s Missing From Most Protein Shakes Part 2

Fitness goals for 2015 coming to mind? You're not alone.  

"Many of us want to lose weight, gain muscle and improve our cardiovascular endurance, but those goals cannot be accomplished without addressing the body's fundamental needs," the physician explained.

Dr. Young says a healthy body begins with a healthy cellular foundation, and a healthy cellular foundation begins with what we're putting in our bodies. If you missed Part One, click here.

Now read on to learn about other ways you can boost your nutrition goals with a few of these professional tips:

Omega oils. Because of their molecular makeup, Flax Seed oil and Cod Liver oil are two of the most important oils you can consume," Dr. Young told us. "They supply a number of important nutrients for nearly all systems of the body, including the heart and immune system as well as the brain."

The expert says that in order for these oils to be effectively incorporated by the body, they need to be "hidden," or emulsified into a protein so they aren't destroyed during the digestive processes. This is a huge key that most people completely miss.

pH stabilization: pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity in your body and ranges from zero on the acidity end to 14 on the alkaline end.

"Evidence suggests that a healthy balance in pH increases strength in muscle and bone, improves brain function and decreases the risk of chronic disease," Dr. Young explained. "Because our diets are so acidic these days, I use a pH balancing formula in my practice to help keep my patients in the stable pH range."

What do you plan to do to make the most of your New Year's health resolutions? Tell us with a note below!

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