3 Essential Ingredients for Your New Year’s Healthy Resolution: Physician Explains What’s Missing From Most Protein Shakes

Every New Year inspires a wave of self-improvement, which for many people includes improving their overall health.

Unfortunately, a recent study from the University of Scranton's Journal of Clinical Phycology says only 8 %of those who make a New Year's resolution see their goals come to fruition! Say it ain't so!

But regardless of the specific goal, people establishing resolutions to improve their health need to start with a foundation.

"A nutritional foundation is required for anyone who is setting out to improve his or her health," Dr. John Young, M.D., a physician specializing in the treatment of chronic illnesses and the author of Beyond Treatment: Discover How To Build A Cellular Foundation To Achieve Optimal Health, told us.

"Many of us want to lose weight, gain muscle and improve our cardiovascular endurance, but those goals cannot be accomplished without addressing the body's fundamental needs," Young explained.

"A healthy body begins with a healthy cellular foundation, and a healthy cellular foundation begins with what we're putting in our bodies."

A protein shake is a common way some people like to supplement their health plans, but Dr. Young says those health drinks are usually missing one or more essential components.

The expert broke them down for us and explained why they're so important.

Whey protein. Can be a great option for protein supplementation, assuming it's of the highest possible quality.

"Look for protein powder that is cold processed or non-denatured, meaning it's never heated to temperatures above 130 degrees," Young instructed.

"Also makes sure it's made with milk from cows that haven't been pumped full of hormones and that have been grazed on pesticide-free, chemical-free, natural grass pastures. Make sure the protein is completely free of chemicals, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners."

More tips on how to make your New Year's health resolutions more effective tomorrow.

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