Amy Adams Talks 'Big Eyes' And Margaret Keane

Actress Amy Adams has revealed the many experiences and lessons she picked up from portraying the character of artist Margaret Keane in Tim Burton's flick "Big Eyes."

Adams shared how meeting Keane in person has affected her take on the role. "Meeting her, there was a strength I wasn't expecting," she admitted in an interview with The Wrap. "She was very quiet, not one to speak of herself, but she very much likes the paintings."

"I really do believe she likes the work to speak for her," she added. "But she has a quiet strength, and a steely strength, and I wanted to get there with the character. Not every person who is strong is a big showboat about it."

She also revealed how knowing Keane is aware of the film sometimes made her conscious about how she projects the character.

"Of course you [think of what Keane would think of the performance]," she said. "You want to honor her. But she gave me her blessing, and so I just had to hope that I was playing her in a way she would be comfortable and happy with."

But while Adams sings praises of Keane and "Big Eyes" now, she admitted she didn't like the movie when she read the script about five years ago, according to Deadline.

"I was focused on playing confident women (at the time), but when I had my daughter and had been a mom for a while I read it again and saw it from a different point of view."

Speaking to Vogue in November, she mentioned how she had a change of heart and understood Keane's story better when they met.

"I understood even more how this could have happened to her," she said.

And what happened to Keane was an unfortunate deception by a loved one. Her husband Walter claimed the paintings she made of big-eyed children in the 1950s and '60s as his.

"Big Eyes" was written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. It will be shown in theaters on Dec. 25.

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