Amy Adams Gives Up First Class Seat To American Soldier

Amy Adams is amazing! The Oscar-winning actress won more fans off-screen, after giving up her first class seat on a flight for an American soldier. ESPN's Jemele Hill witnessed the act of kindness and broke the news on her twitter account.

"Just saw actress Amy Adams do something incredibly classy. She gave her 1st class seat to an American soldier. I'm an even bigger fan now," the "Numbers Never Lie" co-host wrote.

"When we were waiting to board, I saw her glance the soldier's way and then she said something to the person she was traveling with," Hill said in an e-mail to NBC's "Today."

"Once we boarded, I saw she was in first class. I was upgraded to first class and she was a couple rows behind me. I think she must have said something to the flight attendant, because before we took off she had vacated her seat and the flight attendant brought the soldier to her seat."

"I already was a fan of hers, but now I'm a bigger one after today," she added.

A flight attendant told the host Adams did in fact chat with the soldier privately near the front of the plane.

One of Hill's twitter followers notes that Adams was born on a military base in Italy, and grew up on a base in Colorado while her father served.

Passenger Everest Owens was in for a treat, the lucky passenger sitting with Adams. The "American Hustle" star even posed for a selfie with the fan, which he captioned:

"Told @InsideEdition why Amy Adams was classy for giving up her 1st class seat to the soldier sitting next to me! :)"

We love hearing when stars do things like this! Do you think its awesome Adams gave up her seat for a soldier? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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