'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Star Kathy Bates Talks Ethel Darling's Death

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" star Kathy Bates has opened up about the latest developments in this season's anthology series, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Fans were surprised when her character, Ethel Darling or "The Bearded Lady," was killed off in the show's latest episode, along with Frances Conroy's Gloria Mott.

Bates admitted she was saddened when she learned her character was going to die. " I wasn't devastated or anything," she said. "But I always prefer working... I'm much better when I'm working so that's what hit me more than anything was, 'Oh my gosh - what am I going to do now?!'"

The show's co-creator Ryan Murhpy said in an earlier interview that unlike the previous seasons of the show, characters who die in the latest installment will remain dead. Bates, however, do not want to discount the possibility that her character or others' might return.

"Well this is 'American Horror Story' so anything can happen," she said.

While Bates has great acting chops, the accent she used for her character this season made waves just as much as her acting, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The attention the accent garnered came as a surprise, she said, but she was happy that it got attention for the show.

"Ryan wrote me a very encouraging email saying it was great that people were talking about it and he encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing," she explained.

Bates' return for another season is also likely to happen. Speaking to E! News in October, the actress said Murphy had already asked her to be part of the show's fifth season and she agreed to return.

The actress has also expressed his appreciation for Murphy's help in reviving her career. "He created these wonderful parts for me to play and I'll be forever in his debt for that," she said. "He's rejuvenated my career in a way that I have a young audience now and that's fabulous!"

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