'American Horror Story' Welcomes A New Freak On The Show: Chrissy Metz Joins The Cast As Ima Wiggles

Fans of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" will be in for a treat as a new cast member will join the circus when it returns after its mid-season break.

Chrissy Metz will join in the ruckus as Barbara, aka Ima Wiggles, according to Yahoo, and she has been excited to share details of how she landed the job and what the audience can expect from her character.

Metz shared how difficult it is for plus-size actresses to get gigs in Hollywood, which made auditioning for something as big as "Freak Show" special for her.

"I'm a huge fan of the show and Ryan Murphy, so even auditioning was super exciting like how 'just being nominated' is a big honor," she said. "But I wanted it. I had one night to prepare. I stayed up until 4 am practiticng with [dialogue] that had almost nothing pertaining to the actual character or episode."

Metz described the character she'll be portraying as "a big ol' addorable innocent girl." And just like all of the other "freaks" on the show, she just wants to be with people who doesn't treat her differently.

Metz said she used her insecurities as a way to tap into her role, according to People.

"I feel really connected to this character because I'm very confident and outgoing - I'm like a social butterfly - but I'm human," she explained. "We all have insecurities ... Regardless of your weight, your race and where you grew up, we're all contending with something."

Speaking of the character's part in the story, she also hinted that "The Fat Lady" will have her eyes on one of the boys on the show but kept the identity of the crush under wraps. There will also be a number of surprises the audience need to watch out for.

"Let's just say that things are about to go down!" Metz teased. "Stuff is about to happen that people really, truly are not expecting - the cast wasn't even expecting lots of the surprises."

While there's no way to tell for sure how things will pan out for the characters on the show, Metz told Bustle a "gruesome surprise" will definitely come.

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" airs Wednesdays, 10 pm on FX.

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