So how are those lips holding up thus far this winter? 

Dealing with dry, chapped skin? We hear ya, and you're not alone.

One of the most common complaints relating to harsh winter weather is dry chapped lips.  Not only are dry lips uncomfortable, but they can interfere with lipstick application and certainly look unsightly. 

Dry chapped lips can wreak havoc on a beauty look! Especially if you love rocking matte lipstick. The formula of a matte lip color is dry already, causing the shade to seep into every dry nook and cranny on your poor little pout.

Jan Marini, President and CEO of Jan Marini Skin Research, has more than three decades of experience researching and developing new and innovative skincare technologies. The pro recently gave us her beauty tips on how to help keep skin protected and youthful during the winter season. 

Here are a few ways to guarantee you always have smooth, hydrated luscious looking lips, even with tons of snow on the ground: 

Strip Down. After removing your lipstick, use a wet (wrung out) washcloth to rigorously "buff" the lip area. 

This provides just the right amount of exfoliation and removes dead dry skin, leaving behind a smooth surface.

Share the Wealth. Rub everything you use on your face over your lips - and be generous.  This means moisturizers, retinol, etc.

Lock it in. Finish with a sealant. Use something that is thick and emollient. This idea is to leave behind a barrier that sits on your lips throughout the night and prevents moisture from escaping. 

Products to Try. Some great examples are plain old Vaseline, Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream, or Janet Sartin Superfatted Cream.

Rise & Shine. In the AM, make certain you again massage your facial products onto your lip and finish with sunscreen.

Now start perfecting those puckers!