Inside Winter Boots: How To Keep Your Feet Healthy & Pain-Free During The Cold Months Part 2

Our feet take a real beating, especially during the cold winter months. Shoved in boots and thick socks, we can quickly forget about our feet!

But Dr. Alan Bass, board-certified podiatrist is here with some winter tips on how to keep feet happy. If you missed Part One, click here:

Check your feet daily for any cuts, sores, or cracked heels. If you have been running around in heels all day at work or just finished a long walk, it's important to check your feet for any signs of cuts, redness or cracked heels. 

Bio-Oil ($12), which contains Vitamin A and E, is a good product to use on any redness or cracked heels. It is also good to use for any scars after surgery. When you massage the oil onto your skin and into any healed incisions, it will help diminish the appearance of scars.

Maintain good hygiene and control wetness. There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in each foot and they excrete as much as half a pint of moisture a day! No matter how absorbent your socks are, sometimes our shoes and boots still end up smelling. 

Freeman Bare Foot Repair Deodorizing Foot Spray ($6) absorbs moisture and also neutralizes odors fast by treating feet to fresh, toe-tingling ingredients that smooth your soles.

Make sure to wear the right footwear. Most of us believe our foot is narrower than it really is, which causes us to buy the wrong shoe size. Three out of four adults admit to foot related issues, which ranges from bunions to blisters.

Go to an independent shoe store to make sure you know your correct size. Once you know your size, it's important to make sure you wear the appropriate footwear based on the activities you are involved in for the day. Women also have about four times as many foot problems as men due to wearing high heels.

If you love heels, make sure to wear ones that are no more than 2-inches from the ground. And, it's best to go shopping for shoes in the afternoon because your feet swell as the day goes on. 

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