Rapper Nicki Minaj has addressed the controversy that surrounded the video for her song "Only," saying she doesn't "condone Nazism," according to Billboard.

Minaj took to Twitter to apologize, saying: "I didn't come up with the concept, but I'm very sorry and take full responsibility if it has offended anyone. I'd never condone Nazism in my art."

In another tweet, she said: "The artist who made the lyric video for 'Only' was influenced by a cartoon on Cartoon Network called 'Metalocalypse' and Sin City."

She also mentioned that the person in charge of overseeing the making of the video is Jewish and said that in no way did she mean to disrespect anyone with the video.

The video featuring an illustrated Minaj wearing a bodysuit which features a swastika-style Young Money emblem to represent her record label received flak from a lot of people. The use of gas masks and bombs also did not sit well to many, according to UK's The Independent.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has issued a statement about their disapproval of Minaj's video on November 11.

"The video is insensitive to Holocaust survivors and a trivialization of the history of that era. The abuse of Nazi imagery is deeply disturbing and offensive to Jews and all those who can recall the sacrifices Americans and many others had to make as a result of Hitler's Nazi juggernaut," said Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of ADL and a Holocaust survivor.

Many people also took to Twitter to share their dismay over the video and asked Minaj to issue an apology or take the video down.

The video was released on November 7. "Only" is the third single off Minaj's third album "The Pinkprint" which will be out in stores on December 15. The song features rappers Drake and Lil Wayne and R&B singer Chris Brown.

Below is the controversial video.