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Nicki Minaj Denies Sleeping With Drake, Lil Wayne In ‘Only’

ByStaff Reporter
Oct 29, 2014 10:28 PM EDT

Nicki Minaj has denied claims sleeping with co-label rapper Drake and Young Money productions founder Lil Wayne in her new single, "Only," which was released on iTunes Tuesday, TIME has learned.

"Only" talked about the rumours circulating that Minaj has slept with Drake and Lil Wayne on separate occasions while under the same label.

In the song, Minaj rapped about never having intercourse with both rappers.

"I never f-cked Wayne, I never f-cked Drake, all my life man f-ck sake," Minaj rapped. "If I did, I would menage with 'em and let them eat my a-- like a cupcake."

The track featured Drake and Lil Wayne as rappers while singer Chris Brown sang the title chorus.

Although Drake opened his verse by saying that he has never gotten intimate with Minaj, he rapped about still waiting for the chance to sleep with the female rapper.

"I never f***ed Nicki cause she got a man/ But when that's over then I'm first in line," Drake sang.

Drake then described a time where he felt tempted, even confessing to admiring Minaj's figure, according to Daily Mail.

"And the other day in her Maybach/ I thought god damn, this is the perfect time/ We had just come from that video/ You know LA traffic, how the city slow," he rapped. "She was sitting down on that big butt/ But I was still staring at the t*****s though."

Lil Wayne sang his verse reiterating his fetishes for "thick" women.

While Drake sang about his desire for Minaj, Lil Wayne's verse focused about celebrating himself, his sexual fantasies and suggested that he would be a good partner for the "Anaconda" star, NY Daily News reported.

"Only," which lasts for five minutes and 13 seconds, is Minaj's latest single from her third album "The Pinkprint." Its release was pushed back to Dec. 15.

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