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Make-up & Skin-Care No-No's: Tips From Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King On How To Apply Lips, Eyes & Foundation Part 2

ByKim West
Nov 11, 2014 11:42 PM EST

Ever get advice from a cosmetic chemist expert? Listen to what beauty chemistry expert Regina King had to say about the right way to apply your face makeup.

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Do not cover up your rosy face with a yellow foundation! If you have a reddish face, King says chances are you are more in the cool undertone, rather than the warm undertone.

"By using a yellow foundation, it will make you more orangy and look like you are wearing a mask," King explained. "First and foremost, the makeup artist should confirm your undertone color."

"If the redness is severe, you can cover up with a green color corrector to counteract the redness prior to the foundation but never use the wrong undertone of foundation!"

Do not match your face with your neck color using a foundation. Let's face it, the reason we wear makeup is to look our best and as natural as possible. Our face usually looks lighter than our neck.

"When there's a discrepancy in colors, many women asked to match foundation to the neck so they look even. Think about it. We sweat on our face! What if you wiped off the sweat and shown your lighter face in spots, isn't that scary?"

"What you should do is use a foundation that matches your face and use a bronzer to go closer to your neck color," King instructed. "You can always powder up, but for foundation, you want the best match on your face."

"Another point is when you use a bronzer, you can use it as a contour so there is no obvious line between your face and neck," the chemist noted.

"On your cheek area, even if you reveal your true face color, consider it as a natural highlight! In fact, I always like to highlight the reverse triangle area below the eye area for the Hollywood glow!"

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