Make-up & Skin-Care No-No's: Tips From Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King On How To Apply Lips, Eyes & Foundation

While there are many ways of doing makeup, doing it wisely for your own safety is the only way to bring out the best look in you.

This story is a must read from a cosmetic chemist who has also worked as a makeup artist at top makeup counters. Check out what chemist Ginger King had to tell Beautypress about the do's and don'ts of beauty:

Do not mix your eye and lip make up! "Do you know why there's not a green lipstick or true black lipstick from a major cosmetic house? There are regulatory guidelines on specific pigments you can use on the eye or lip area only, due to toxicity and potential allergic reactions," King explained.

Sure Halloween gives us all a pass on this, but King says don't risk it for a daily use. "You don't want to mix up the makeup used for a designated area and risk hygiene or breakout issues," she said.

"Who wants that greasy lipstick/gloss on the eye area or cheeks that may clog your pores? Your lips have no pores but your skin does! Remember that!"

Do not let makeup artist use a brush to match your foundation! The proper way of checking to see if a foundation color is good for you is by the three swatch techniques: Swatch a cool, a neutral, a warm foundation near the jaw line and see which shade "disappears" into the skin. That is your undertone.

"Then you can select the intensity base on your undertone family," King instructed. "Often to save time, the makeup girl may just brush on the foundation and may not check your undertone. The result is often too chalky or not enough coverage."

"When you use a sponge or a brush, you get very little pigments onto the skin as compared to using hands. Almost all shades can go if they do not have the right shade of foundation to sell you," King noted.

"Thus, it is why you always look better in store than out of the store. Ask the girls to swatch you for a proper color selection."

More tips from the beauty pro tom come tomorrow!

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