Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan was arrested for an alleged air rage incident while on a flight from the United States to Ireland on Monday, according to UK's The Independent.

O'Riordan reportedly stomped on a foot of a flight attendant. When a police officer came in to ask her to calm down, the singer butted the officer on the head before spitting on his face.

"I was sitting in economy with my husband and heard the commotion in business class," a source told the publication. "There was a woman standing up and she was shouting. It was about 20 minutes before landing."

The source continued, "It quited down for a while and after landing it started again ... At one stage we saw the woman thumping the ceiling of the plane."

Garda, the Irish police, confirmed the incident according to The Telegraph.

"Gardai were called to meet the aircraft following an allegation of an assault on a female Aer Lingus air hostess," a spokesperson said. "A Garda was also assaulted during the course of the arrest."

O'Riordan was detained for questioning over assault allegations and later taken to a hospital in Limerick after complaining about being sick, BBC reported.

The singer was later released from the hospital and no charges were filed against her. The flight attendant was also rushed to the hospital to have her foot checked and treated.

The award-winning singer has yet to give a statement about the incident.

O'Riordan joined the Cranberries when she was only 18 and the band became one of the most successful acts in the 1990s, selling millions of records worldwide. Among the band's many hits include "Linger," "Zombie" and "Ode To My Family."

The singer has also appeared as a coach on the talent show The Voice of Ireland earlier this year. The singer, who originally hails from Limerick, is now based in Dublin with her husband and three children.