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Family Smokes On Plane, Forcing Flight Landing and Rescheduling

ByRandy Narine
Feb 04, 2013 04:28 PM EST

A Canadian airplane travelling from Halifax to the Dominican Republic was forced to stop in Bermuda after three passengers refused to put out their cigarettes, CBC News reported.

Police were called to L.F. Wade International Airport on Friday at 9:55 P.M. to meet Sunwing Flight 454. The police boarded the plane and proceeded to arrest all three of the smokers. "It appeared to be a father, a mother and a son," said acting Inspector Paul Simmons to CBC News. "The parents appear to be in their 50s. The son, I believe, is around 22 or so."

Sunwing spokesperson Daryl McWilliams said that the problem escalated when the three passengers became increasingly irate and refused to tell the plane's crew where they had stashed their cigarette buds. The family has since been released on bail, but have had their passports seized.

The family didn't just make lives difficult for themselves. After the flight was grounded and searched by a trained-mechanic, the flight was rescheduled to leave on Saturday. As a result, the airline had to put the rest of the plane's passengers in a hotel.

Things will only get worse for the family of smokers from here, as CTV News reports that Sunwing Vacations intends to "make an example" of them. McWilliams was quoted by CTV as saying, "We're going to use whatever tools we have available to us to try to recover our costs. But just as importantly, we intend to make sure that an example is made of these people."

It has still not been reported as to why the family was smoking or why they were uncooperative with airline crew. Regardless, Canadian flights have banned smoking since 1994, so there was no reason for this family to attempt to smoke on a plane nearly two decades after the ban was put in place. The trio will definitely pay for their err in judgment.

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