Julie Bowen said that her "Modern Family" co-star Sarah Hyland is better than ever after she had been granted a three-year restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matt Prokop last month, Us Weekly reported.

Bowen, 44, who plays Hyland's on-screen mother on the hit ABC mockumentary-style sitcom, helped the 23-year-old actress  "peacefully" end her relationship with Prokop, according to TMZ.

According to court documents obtained by the celebrity gossip site in September, Hyland said that she bought a plane ticket to send Prokop back to his home in Texas, but when her allegedly abusive boyfriend arrived to her house and saw Bowen, the young man freaked out and "ran outside into the backyard and began screaming."

Bowen recently opened up about that experience and the kind of relationship she has with Hyland.

"Oh, well the reality is I'm just nosy," the mother of three joked to Us Weekly at Baby2Baby Gala Saturday, Nov. 8 in Culver City, Calif. "I stick my nose in anything and everything. I love my kids, my fake kids and my real kids, so if anyone needs help I'm a soft touch."

"Sarah is so great," Bowen gushed about her TV daughter. "She's an angel. Just love her. I love her. I love all my fake kids though and my real kids."

When asked for advice she would give to Hyland moving forward, the two-time Emmy-winning actress said: "I personally made a million dating mistakes when I was young. I didn't live in the public eye, and my life was totally different than say Sarah's, I mean this is strictly about me. I made so many mistakes, but I made them when I was young, didn't get married, didn't have babies, and moved on."

"I think that's the time to make them, like your twenties are for really just effing up," she explained. "And I think that actually you know Sarah is not even 25, and she's already way ahead of where I ever was, so she's in great shape and she didn't do anything to eff anything up. I think that's what being young is for! You can rebound and do great and I did, and she's awesome and I'm awesome."

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Andrea Thompson granted Hyland a three-year restraining order against Prokop on Oct. 2. The actress  got the protective order after she tapped the expertise of Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Shawn Holley and convinced the judge to consider upgrading the original but temporary restraining order, a court official told the New York Daily News.