AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is out of jail after being granted bail in Tauranga, New Zealand, Billboard reports.

The 60-year-old musician was taken into custody Thursday, November 6, after being charged for allegedly plotting the murder of two people. He was also charged with possession of cannabis and methamphetamine and threatening to kill.

Rudd allegedly attempted to hire a hitman to murder two people between September 25 and September 26 and threatened to kill one of the complainants on September 26. 

He was arrested in his house following a police raid, New Zealand Herald says.

The rocker entered no plea to the charges filed against him when he appeared in court before Judge Bidois. He is slated to appear again in court on November 27 and was ordered to not have any contact with the alleged hitman and the complainants.

Details regarding the two intended victims and the hitman were not divulged.

Jesse Fink, the author of the AC/DC biography "The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC," shared his thoughts about the incident to Daily Mail Australia.

"You go back and you see photos of Phil from the '70s, he's a beautiful man, a very handsome man," Fink told the publication. "To see someone deteriorate as much as he has is quite alarming."

Former AC/DC manager Michael Browning said the incident was a "bit of a shock, but there you go."

The Australian-born drummer has lived in New Zealand since 1983 when he was kicked out from AC/DC. He rejoined the band in 1994. He was inducted, along with his bandmates, to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. He released his first solo album "Head Job" in August.

Phil Rudd is slated to go on a world tour with AC/DC in 2015, according to Rolling Stone, but the effect of his arrest and case on the scheduled performances remains undefined. The band's new album "Rock or Bust," their first record in six years, will be released on December 2.