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Pink Floyd Drummer Nick Mason Says He's 'Not Entirely Sure The Band's Over'

ByJordianne Cornejo
Nov 03, 2014 06:53 AM EST

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason says the legendary rock band's latest album "Endless River," due out on November 7, might not be their last, reports NME.

Mason's comments come after the band's guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour expressed his intention to let the act rest and focus on his solo career, claiming in an interview that the idea of making another record makes him "break out in a cold sweat."

Answering if he sees their latest studio effort as the final offering from the band, Mason tells the Rolling Stone, "I think I'll let David to the, 'This is the last, this is the end.' I now believe when I'm dead and buried my tombstone will read, 'I'm not entirely sure the band's over.'"

He adds, "I think that's a particular problem for drummers. We can't operate on our own. We always have it in the back of our minds that we'd like everything to continue forever."

While he shares the enthusiasm of fans over the new record, Mason has dismissed the idea that a full band reunion tour with former guitarist Roger Waters is possible.

Mason has also hinted at the forthcoming release of reissued old albums from the band, saying: "I can assure you that our record company has no doubts at all that there's more box sets to be done."

The 70-year-old drummer had previously mentioned that touring Pink Floyd's new album would be impossible. "It would be fun to play live, but it doesn't actually lend itself to a proper tour," he told Gigwise.

He added, "Without Rick [Wright, the band's keyboardist who died from cancer in 2008] it's probably impossible. It's impossible to play, because the nature of it is that a lot of it is designed there and then - if one played it again, you wouldn't want to repeat what was on the record. It's not something where you learn it and play it."

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