Lindsay Lohan and Tom Cruise are not an item.

Representatives for Lohan told Daily Mail that there is "no truth at all" to reports that surfaced earlier this week claiming that the 28-year-old actress is dating the 52-year-old heartthrob.

The pair had reportedly been "secretly seeing each other" after swapping numbers on Oct. 7 at hotspot Chiltern Firehouse, according to OK! magazine. Cruise, who is currently filming "Mission: Impossible 5" in Monaco, and Lohan, who is living in London while she performs in the play "Speed-The-Plow" on West End stage, were said to be flirting all night.

"Lindsay's always had a major crush on Tom and was dying to run into him, so the second she got her chance, she pounced," a source told OK!, as quoted by The Mirror.

"Lindsay has been craving the security and sophistication that comes with dating an older man, so she couldn't believe her luck when she ran into her old crush [in London]," added the tipster, according to Hollywood Life. "She's head over heels."

But even before representatives for the "Mean Girls" star dismissed the claim, a source told Hollywood Life that the stars are not dating.

"Never has one thing been so not true. This may be the most insanely funny lie ever told," a tipster told the entertainment website. "Tom is not going to date Lindsay Lohan."

"He'd be friendly to her in her company but dating is far-fetched, she would be lucky to even be in a film with him," the source added. "The closest they will ever be together is in the same room somewhere but that is it."

This is not the first time Lohan has been forced to deny relationship rumors about her and the Oscar nominated actor.

A controversial story published by Vanity Fair in 2012 claimed that the "Parent Trap" star was approached as a potential wife for Cruise back in 2004.

"Lindsay met with Tom before he met Katie [Holmes]," read the article by Maureen Orth, according to The Mirror. "At first, she was super excited to work with Tom and thought it was about a role in 'Mission Impossible.' It soon became clear that he wasn't looking for an actress but something very different."

But Lohan was quick to deny her involvement in the report, tweeting, "I just want everyone & Tom Cruise to know, that I have/had NO part in the VF story. Nor has anyone in my life, personal and work related."