Lindsay Lohan Reacts To Critics Of Her West End Theatre Debut 'Speed-The-Plow' Performance, Shares An Idea For 'Mean Girls' Sequel

Lindsay Lohan made her West End Theater debut in David Mamet's play "Speed-The-Plow" Wednesday night, Sept. 24. Some praised her acting, and some heavily criticized her performance.

The 28-year-old actress forgot some of her lines in a number of acts and had to get prompted from crew members. At one point, she even had to read from a script, according to The Mirror.

And during a long set change, a woman from the audience said, "Oh my god, it's so embarrassing," according to the Daily Beast.

But in an interview with The Mirror Thursday, Sept. 25, Lohan said that her debut performance could have been worse.

"It could've been a disaster - but it wasn't by far," she said in her dressing room. "I could've not shown up. But of course I did, it's my show."

Lohan, who made her motion picture debut in Disney's remake of "The Parent Trap" in 1998, revealed that she did not bother reading the negative comments about her debut performance.

"Everyone is always going to be judgmental, no matter what," she told the British newspaper. "I respect people have an opinion, but I'm doing the best I can and will for the duration. I'm doing this because working makes me feel happy and this is a new venture for me."

She admitted that she was nervous on the first night because she had never done it before, but she is feeling more and more confident every performance night.

"Everyone has been really great. I love the stage manager...they've all been kind, gracious and comforting," she explained."Every night feels more natural and comfortable. I'm not used to a live audience, it's a much quicker buzz."

Meanwhile, Lohan recently chatted with Time Out London and revealed that she pitched a "Mean Girls" sequel idea to writer Tina Fey.

"People really love the movie: how do you top that? I was with Tina Fey the other day and I said we should do another 'Mean Girls,' like an older version where they're all housewives and they're all cheating. That would be really funny. I'll harass Tina to write it."

The revival of Mamet's 1988 satire on Hollywood runs at London's Playhouse Theatre until Nov. 29.

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