Happy International Women's Day!

In celebration of this annual event, we were delighted to come across a recent study that proves the modern-day woman is no-nonsense, full of confidence, and is a savvy second-guesser when it comes to plastic srugery, beauty trends, and fads.

In a fast-paced world, women juggle a host of responsibilities including their careers, relationships, children, hobbies and more. When it comes to balancing priorities in their lives, it turns out that today's women are confident about their style and lifestyle choices and think fleeting fads like diets and elective plastic surgery are nonsense.

No Nonsense, one of the most recognizable legwear brands in America, commissioned an online survey among more than 700 U.S. women age 25-49, in conjunction with March's celebration of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, and revealed how women define "no nonsense" and their attitudes towards cultural trends.

So What Does "No Nonsense" Mean to These Women? A majority would describe a "no nonsense" woman as confident, smart, authentic and successful.

And Which Celebrities Make the "nonsense" vs. "no nonsense" list?

Among those who are aware of these celebrities, Kerry Washington (91%), Emma Stone (90%), Jennifer Lawrence (85%) and Tina Fey (71%) topped the list of eight celebrities given as "no nonsense" types of women.

Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian (89% each) tied for the top spot in the "nonsense" category, followed by Barbie (70%).

Today's woman doesn't make apologies either. Many women age 25-49 don't agonize about getting dressed and ready for their day. When asked if picking out what to wear takes more time than they wish it did when getting ready, 73% said no.

83% of women think it's nonsense to overspend on trendy fashion purchases. 69% of these women think it's nonsense to have elective plastic surgery done. And 76% of these women think it's nonsense to go on trendy diets.

What celebs would you add to this No Nonsense list? Tell us with a note!