Best & Worst Halloween Looks: Glamsquad Professional Makeup Artists Dish On How To Nail Your Costume Part 2

It's here! It's finally here! Halloween is back again in full force, so it's time to put the final finishing touches on your costume. Still stumped about how exactly to nail your makeup and steal the spotlight at this year's costume party? Fear not! 

Kelli, Head of Makeup Artistry over at Glamsqaud took our beauty rapid fire challenge and gave us some great tips for Halloween makeup. Check 'em out below, and if you missed Part One, click here:

Kelli, what tools help us to apply face paint best? 

Use a brush with a synthetic fiber or sponge; depending on how detailed the work. Synthetic fibers pick up and deposit product without holding any product back in the brush. A wet cosmetic sponge is perfect for covering large areas of the face or body.  

How do we pick complimentary lip colors, blushes, eye shades, and contour shades to match our face paint?

It's Halloween! Anything goes! I would generally stick to the same color family and work in varying tones of the same shade. Although, its Halloween, so there are no rules! Try choosing unexpected colors for your contour like purple for a sultry yet spooky effect!

What types of face paint work for darker skin tones? 

All colors should be worn by everyone!  

Do we need to set our Halloween makeup too?

Yes! Using a large cosmetic puff, gently press a generous amount of loose translucent powder into the makeup. Buff away excess powder.   

What about taking the makeup off once Halloween is over?

Use an oil based makeup remover, which will help break down the pigment like Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Oil ($15). Use slight exfoliation to remove any stubborn pigment (be gentle, as rough scrubbing will irritate skin), followed by a restorative night cream like Kiehl's Ultra Moisture Facial Cream ($27). 

Reaady, set, glam! Happy Halloween!

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