Best & Worst Halloween Looks: Glamsquad Professional Makeup Artists Dish On How To Nail Your Costume

So aside from offering their on-demand in-home hair and makeup services for Halloween, Glamsquad also made time to give us their tips on how to make the most of your Halloween look.

Check out the rapid fire Q&A we got the chance to have with Head of Makeup Artistry, Kelli: 

Most popular and easiest makeup looks for Halloween are... 

The most popular looks for Halloween are looks that require special lashes! They are a fun way to dial up the drama and easy to apply!

Most difficult makeup looks for Halloween would have to be...

Full face painting that requires professional grade products! The drugstore Halloween aisle makeup is not going to cut it for your Sugar Skull dreams. 

Anything requiring special effects like liquid latex, plaster of paris molds, and faux facial hair! I would definitely trust an expert for these look!

Is it true for Halloween face paint that less is more, or do we pile it on?

It is all about the quality of the product you use, not the quantity. Piling on a bunch of product that has no pigment will not necessarily achieve the same finish as a small amount of professional product.

I suggest the Makeup Up Forever Flash Palette ($99). It's easy to use and doesn't require a heavy hand. 

Biggest no-no when it comes to using face paint?

Apply a face of foundation first and follow with translucent setting powder. If you skip this step, you run the risk of staining your skin. Pinks and blues tend to be the worst culprits.  

Best tools to use for Halloween face paint coming tomorrow!

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