Get The Throwback Look: How To Create A Classic Beehive Hairstyle

As we await the final episodes of Mad Men, channeling Megan Draper never looked so good.

What is it about big hair that gets us so excited? It's simple, you can't go wrong with volume! A look like this pays homage to styles gone by, but can still work today and be just as sexy.

And just in time for those upcoming costume parties, use this style as an easy way to channel the throwback thursday divas of days gone by. The Ronnettes wore this as their signature hair look and in just a few simple steps you can achieve it to!

Hair care brand Evo has a super simple way to make this retro swag your own. Check out the how to to rock the modern day beehive with stinging style:

First prep hair with mr fantastic texture spray to added more fullness ($30). Next, section the hair into three parts.

Using a low side parting, create a clean section at the top of the head to the top of the ears.

Then create a clean section from the top of the ears across the crown.

At the back gather the hair up high on the crown and secure with a hair tie.

Then add haze styling powder ($30) to the mid section and back comb using your fingers. The formula helps ward off hair falling flat.

Next, start the beehive look by rolling the hair under and pin securely.

And lastly, at the front sweep the hair, twist and pin. Finish with helmut finishing spray ($10) and you're done!

Planning on trying this super simple tutorial? Let us know with a note below!

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