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Before & After Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery: Physician Shares Secrets On New Look & What Work Renee May Have Had Done Part 2

ByKim West
Oct 24, 2014 01:55 AM EDT

When we saw the latest photos of actress Renee Zellweger we couldn't help but wonder just what the star has had done to change the look of her ace.

We couldn't pinpoint exactly what or if she had any particular procedure, so we decided to tap Dr. Victoria Karlinsky of New York City; a highly-skilled, certified trained facial and body sculpting specialist.

If you missed Part One of our chat with the expert, click here. Now read on to get the physician's opinion on Zellweger's latest look:

Should the goal of a procedure ever be to look completely different or to simply look younger?

In my practice I always teach my patients that when utilizing non-invasive and even invasive aesthetic procedures, we must always strive to improve and refresh our appearance without looking different. 

I know that my job was done correctly when my patients come back for a follow up and tell me that everyone in their office keeps asking them if they got a new hair cut or if they went away on vacation, because they simply can't put a finger on what is different but they clearly see that something is.  

What would have been some other viable options for the actress that would have been more subtle in result?

It's difficult to answer this question because we really do not know what she looked like before the work was done.  She has been out of the spot light for a few years and the changes we see today may have been gradual, and we simply we saw them all at once. In my opinion, her nose and eyes make her look drastically different.   

What can we learn from procedures that dramatically change the look of a person?

I think in this day and age, most of us who utilize aesthetic procedure simply strive to look fresher and more youthful, not different.  

Any tips for women looking to undergo similar procedures?

My suggestion is always to be conservative.  Don't try to look 20 if you are 40, simply strive to look fabulous for 40.

What do you think of Renee's new look? Does she look all that different? Tell us with a note below!

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