Okay so we've all seen the latest pics of actress Renee Zellweger, so let's just get right into it: Girl's got a new look and we wanna know all the deets!

We tapped New York City's Upper East Side Dr. Victoria Karlinsky. This highly-skilled, board-certified facial and body sculpting specialist has extensive experience working with all aspects of cosmetic surgery and treatments. Check out what the expert had to say about Renee's new mug:

So Dr. Karlinsky, what are the key differences in the before and after photos?

Renee's face is thinner, more mature but still beautiful and well taken care of.  While she looks drastically different from what we are used to seeing, she looks beautiful and natural, she does not look "done," just different. (Check out a 'before' photo below to gage the difference).

What do you suspect Renee Zellweger did to look so different?

I think she has undergone upper lid surgery (blepharoplasty), a very conservative rhynoplasty to narrow the bridge of her nose, and standard upkeep with botulinum toxin and fillers.

As a professional, how would you categorize the results of the work Zellweger has had done?

To answer this question we would really need to know if she was trying to change her appearance or simply maintain her face.  The procedures she had undergone were perfectly done because no one can truly tell and pinpoint the exact reasons she looks so different. 

Renee has a natural, beautiful face, age appropriate for someone who is 45 year old.  She does not look "done, stuffed, pulled or overbotoxed," she simply looks very different. 

So if this is what she was trying to accomplish, then she got perfect results, however if she was simply trying to have some maintenance and ended up with a different face then someone completely misunderstood what their patient wanted. 

Tomorrow Dr. Karlinsky offers tips on what women should make their goal when deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure.