Beauty Sleep For Your Hair: Stylist Shares Tips On How To Keep Hair Healthy Part 2

So we all know about the importance of beauty sleep, but the same concept can be applied to your hair too!

Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston knows about the importance of getting hair ready for bed. Check out Russo's overnight styling tips below and if you missed Part One click here:

Keep it straight by wrapping it! "If you just spent money on a salon blow-dry or time in the bathroom straightening your curly locks, don't let bedtime ruin your sleek style! Use the wrapping technique with bobby pins to keep hair smooth and straight," the expert stressed.

Starting at the top of your head, use a brush to begin arranging hair around the head and pinning it down. "Essentially, you are wrapping hair in a circle pattern around the head to keep it in its straight condition," Russo instructed.

Top Knot It. "Bring out your scrunchies and top knot your freshly washed and dried hair. As you blow-dry hair before bed, use a volumizing product on the root and once it's almost dry, apply a texturizing spray throughout. Loosely pull dried hair upward and into a soft topknot," Russo said.

"The height will give you an extra boost of volume as you sleep, as well as ensure that your locks will maintain tangle-free for your early wake-up call."

Lights off, humidifier on. Whether you are cranking up your house's heat in the winter or you live in a dry climate, adding extra moisture to the air using a humidifier can help to keep both your skin and locks hydrated.

"Moisturized hair sees less frizz and breakage and more shine. Turn the lights off and the humidifier on," Russo told us.

Switch to a silk pillowcase. "In order to extend the life of your hairstyle or blow-dry, as well as keep damage and breakage at bay, opt for a silk or Egyptian cotton pillowcase. Flannel or cotton sheets cause more friction on hair and over time, will create damage," the hair care guru recommended.

Ready to give hair the beauty sleep it deserves? Tell us with a note below!

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