How To Grow Longer, Thicker, Lustrous Hair: Professional Stylist Offers Important Hair Care Tips Part 2

Helpful hair tips never hurt anyone, so check out these tried and true tips from professional hair stylist Jospeh Battisti. This pro is the founder and creative director of the Joseph Battisti Salon on Manhattan's Upper East Side, and he has the skinny on achieving thick, healthy hair without the need of having your stylist on speed dial.

If you missed Part One of his hair care advice, click here. Now read on for the next set:

Style. Another issue some women may face during styling is figuring out how to cover thin patches and/or roots.  

"Recoloring hair is an option for minimizing these issues, but when done too frequently, color on top of color only gets muddy, leading to scalp damage and hair breakage," the hair care guru told us. 

Between color treatments, Battisti says to reach for a hair fiber, which uses electromagnetic charges to cling to hair, instantly filling in bald spots and covering roots.

Seal & Forget. "As a final step to your routine, seal in your look with lightweight oil. Not only will this help fight against frizz-causing humidity, it can also help condition hair and counterbalance damage cause by chemical processing, heat styling, over brushing and more, leaving hair smooth and under control," Battisti said.

Bonus. Beauty starts on the inside, and both diet and exercise play an important role in how we outwardly present ourselves. "To give your hair a boost, try a beauty supplement - they've become all the rage - which helps promote beautiful, healthy hair, skin and nails," the stylist explained.

"But do your homework first. Look for supplements that contain Biotin, an important B vitamin that supports the health of hair, skin and nails."

Taking any of these tried and true tip to heart? Tell us with a note below!

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