With all this Halloween talk of wig and fantasy hair, we can't foregt about maintainng our own healthy tresses. We recently got a chance to get a few additional tips from celebrity hair stylist, Joseph Battisti on how to grow thicker hair. 

Want some good old fashioned hair advice that always works? Check 'em out below:

Correct. "Every woman wants thicker hair, and this starts in the shower," Battisti said. "Begin your routine by cleansing with a shampoo no more than 2-3 times per week that contains keratin, a reparative ingredient that essentially replaces the missing and damaged keratin from your hair, helping smooth frizzy, damaged locks."

To use, Battisti says to work the forumla vigorously into scalp, which promotes blood circulation to the crown of the head, resulting in a healthy scalp, and thus, a healthy head of hair.

Protect. Whether you curl or straighten your hair daily, heat-protectant products are a must, yet they're often underused. "When applied before styling, not only do these products protect hair from heat damage, but they can also help fend off color fading while making hair look polished," the pro told us.

"Spritz damp hair with product, work through hair with comb and style as normal."

Perfect. When it comes to styling, many women don't know how to properly seal the cuticle, which can cause breakage and damage. "When shopping for a new styling tool, look for those that use ceramic," Battisti instructed.

"Unlike old school tools that penetrate hair from the outside in, leading to moisture loss and damage, ceramic tools work exactly the opposite by heating hair evenly from the inside out, allowing women to style hair in less time and with much less damage."

Want more where that came from? There's more on the way tomorrow!