Known for her role in the teen drama "Gossip Girl," Leighton Meester is about to release her debut album titled "Heartstrings" almost two months after her Broadway role in "Of Mice and Men" wrapped.

For Meester, "Heartstrings" is for people who do not know anything about her acting and do not listen to pop music, and while "Of Mice and Men" was the most time-consuming thing she has ever done, she finds it cool finally have taken time off to do music.

"With music it's nice because I can plan everything. I can do it. With acting I have no control. Either I have work or I don't," Meester said during an interview with Billboard.

Currently starring in "The Judge" alongside Robert Downey Jr., Meester was recently spotted wearing brown suede boots with a brown bag and print maxi while returning home from a recording studio in Los Angeles, Daily Mail reported.

According to Meester, it is not a bad thing to be perceived as an actor-turned-musician as it is helpful for her.

"I've been acting since I was a kid. It's different, but much of it's the same. It goes together very well. Internally there's pressure. I'm a human being. I feel pressure," she said.

In another interview with AV Club, Meester shared what her worst job was.

"Babysitting this kid who, he wasn't nice," Meester said. "He wasn't very nice. I don't think it was him. I think it was his parents. He was a holy terror."

She said felt really great because the bad behavior did not last for too long and the boy became very sweet toward her after a few months.  

Before "Heartstrings," which will be released by Hotly Wanting label on Oct. 28, Meester was previously signed to Republic, which gave her a part on Cobra Starship's hit song "Good Girls Go Bad" that peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 list.   

The 28-year-old actress-singer said it was fun and cool having had a record deal with Republic, which taught her about the music industry, songwriting and the producing process. On the other hand, she learned how to do it her way.