After a heated debate on Islam views on "Real Time With Bill Maher," atheist Sam Harris took to his blog to explain why he thinks "Gone Girl" star Ben Affleck actually proved his point on Islam.

During the panel discussion, Affleck, former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele and author Nicholas Kristof were allies against Harris and the host himself Bill Maher.

For the author, philosopher, and neuroscientist, the three appeared to be totally not aware that they were making his point on Islam for him, which is "that these people are now risking their lives by advocating for basic human rights in the Muslim world."

"Kristof made the point that there are brave Muslims who are risking their lives to condemn 'extremism' in the Muslim community. Of course there are, and I celebrate these people, too," Harris wrote in an entry titled "Can Liberalism Be Saved From Itself?" in his blog Sam Harris.

Harris also pointed out it was unreasonable to attack him as a racist and his criticism against Islam is a "criticism of beliefs and their consequences" although his fellow liberals automatically regard it as "an expression of intolerance toward people."

Also, Harris defended Rosamund Pike leading man from critics who extensively revile the actor as an imbecile amid the box-office success of his film "Gone Girl" also starring Neil Patrick Harris not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Daily Mail has learned.  

It is unfair to describe Affleck as a mere actor who was "out of his depth," Harris wrote, as it is tantamount to saying he himself is a mere neuroscientist who cannot know "anything about religion."

While he is neither a public intellectual nor a public official, Affleck represents a prevailing tendency within liberalism, according to Real Clear Politics.

For Harris, Affleck is a philanthropist, a screenwriter, a director, a producer, and may eventually become a politician and not merely an actor, and even if he was, it is trill unreasonable to assume he is not smart.

"In fact, I think he probably is quite smart, and that makes our encounter all the more disheartening," Harris wrote.