Ben Affleck recently described Bill Maher's ideas about Islam as "gross, racist, disgusting" during a panel discussion on TV.

On Oct. 3, Friday, the "Gone Girl" star appeared on "Real Time With Bill Maher" with former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele and authors Nicholas Kristof and Sam Harris, New York Daily News reported.

Both Maher and Harris believe that "liberals need to stand up for liberal principles," which are "freedom of speech, freedom to practice any religion you want without fear of violence, freedom to leave a religion, equality for women, equality for minorities, including homosexuals."

"Liberals have failed us," added Harris who claimed to be "well-educated" on the topic described Islam at this moment as "the mother load of bad ideas."

"That's an ugly thing to say," Affleck reacted. "How about the more than a billion people, who aren't fanatical, who don't punish women, who just want to go to school, have some sandwiches, pray five times a day, and don't do any of the things that you're saying all Muslims do."

While Maher disagreed, Affleck added, "The people who actually believe that you should murder someone if you dishonor the Islamic faith is not with the majority of Muslims at all."

Two days later, Affleck was spotted at the farmer's market in Pacific Palisades, Calif. with his wife Jennifer Garner and their kids to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables, Just Jared reported.

As they loaded their car, the 42-year-old actor was seen planting a kiss on his wife.

Affleck's psychological thriller "Gone Girl" earned $38 million, making it on top of the box office and slightly beating the horror film "Annabelle," USA Today reported.

In the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling book, Affleck stars with Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit, David Clennon, Lisa Banes, Missi Pyle, Emily Ratajkowski, Casey Wilson and Lola Kirke among others.