So you wanna do a juice cleanse cause it's all the rage and you wanna try something new to help you lose weight.

Well before you begin to guzzle those babies down, consider a few tips from Dr. Joseph Banker. This top celebrity cosmetic dentist has some warnings you should read about concerning your teeth and what these diet fad can potentially do to those pretty pearly whites.

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Dr. Banker, what types of beverages make teeth most vulnerable?

Soft drinks can be very acidic and high in sugars.  These are especially damaging to teeth.  Juices also contain high amounts of sugar which contribute to tooth decay.

What negative effects can juicing have for your teeth?

The high sugar content is ideal to nourish tooth damaging bacteria. Many juices are acidic and can cause enamel erosion.

Should you brush your teeth directly after drinking?

It is best to wait an hour after drinking acidic beverages before brushing teeth. The outermost layer of enamel can become slightly softened and brushing too soon can increase enamel erosion.

Aren't the ingredients in the juices generally healthy?

Juices do contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. 

Can your teeth really rot from the juices?

Yes, the most damaging way to consume juices is with small sips over a long period of time. This will constantly bathe the teeth in sugars and maintain an acidic pH in the mouth, causing accelerated damage to teeth.

Additional tips and tricks for keeping teeth healthy?

Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist!

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