Juice diets and juicing are becoming more popular than ever. If you missed our tips on how to know what's in your smoothie protein drink, click here.

But what do these diets entail and are they actually good for your health? Top celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Banker, took some time to tell us how to avoid damaging your smile when indulging in these cleanses.  

So Dr. Banker, what diet crazes in the past have harmed the teeth of some of your patients?

Sipping lemon water all day can do significant damage to tooth enamel. The teeth are bathed in acidic fluid (citric acid in the water) and the saliva does not have an opportunity to restore the neutral pH in the mouth.  Any diet that requires frequent consumption of acidic fluids can cause similar problems, including juice cleanses.

What makes a diet detrimental to the health of your mouth?

Any diet that does not include all of the nutrients that are recommended by the FDA can have a detrimental affect the mouth.  A multivitamin is suggested as a supplement.  Diets high in carbohydrates can increase the incidence of dental caries.  As stated previously, diets high in acid can also cause enamel damage.

Has the rise in juicing diets created unique needs for dental patients?

Juicing diets are one factor that can certainly contribute to decay formation in susceptible individuals.  Even in those that are not highly susceptible, the constant contact of acidic fluids can damage enamel.

Do teeth ever absorb the nutrients from the healthy foods and drinks we ingest?

The outermost layer of enamel can absorb nutrients that are present in saliva.

Look out for the second part of our talk with Dr. Banker where he talks about what beverages make our teeth most vulnerable to damage.