5 Questions to Ask Before Chugging Down a Protein Shake Part 2

Looking for a protein shake to fill you up? Read these essential tips from sports drink guru Anders Porter of Team Core Power. 

Has the protein been 'heat dried'? 

Porter says the drying of protein powders by heat to increase shelf-life can cause the degradation of amino acids. "This degradation process could continue during the storage of the powders," he said.

"In one study, drying caused considerable reduction in protein quality by destroying biological availability of the essential amino acid, Lysine. If your protein drink contains heat-dried powders, you may be consuming damaged, nutritionally incomplete protein," the expert explained.   

Are the ingredients imported, or produced domestically?     

"You need to establish that the manufacturer can trace the origin of every ingredient used in their protein product," Porter advised. "Ingredients imported in bulk from the cheapest source will lower production costs, but always at the expense of product potency and efficacy."

Does the product contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives?

Indigestible chemical flavorings, colorings, and preservatives create immune responses and will drain your body's energy, not enhance it. Porter says keep things natural. 

How much protein am I getting per serving?

Note the protein grams-per-serving count on the label. Count this against your daily protein intake requirements as established by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

"A 150lb individual, for instance, requires 60 grams for non-athletes, 90 grams for endurance athletes, 109 grams for strength athletes. You can see that an individual's daily protein requirements can nearly double depending on their level of activity," Porter explained. 

"If what goes into your body is important to you, spend a few minutes researching the companies, their manufacturing techniques, their sources for ingredients, and their philosophy toward health and toward the consumer," Porter continued.

"If a company doesn't have those things posted and easily accessible, they're probably not for you."    

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