While 'The Boxtrolls" enjoys box-office success, it may not be a very good film for children.

With a title referring to gnome-like creatures living in a series of boxes, the animated film "The Boxtrolls" is not for children looking for another fun animation, according to Bruce Miller of Sioux City Journal.

Some scenes are dark, scary and often unclear with various characters are targeted for extinction, Miller wrote.

Led by evil Archibald Snatcher voiced by Ben Kingsley, the Boxtrolls threatens humans as they seek to get rid of their world of the creatures.

Based on the book "Here Be Monsters," "The Boxtrolls" has incredible set and character designs but it often scares more than it should, according to Miller.

On the other hand, Laika Studios chief Travis Knight told The Progress-Index, "We don't want for a second for the audience to even think these are dolls. I want them to see them as living, breathing, emoting things with aspirations and hopes by bringing subtlety and nuance to the performance."

According to Knight, "The Boxtrolls" is Laika Studios' most ambitious film as it has more puppet stars and advanced technology than the nine-year-old studio's first two Oscar-winning features, "Coraline" and "ParaNorman."

Other actors who voiced characters in the animated film are Isaac Hempstead Wright for Eggs, Elle Fanning for Winnie and Jared Harris for Lord Portley-Rind among others.

Directed by Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi, "The Boxtrolls" hit theaters on Oct. 3, Friday.

Earning $12.4 million on its debut, "The Boxtrolls" ranked number four at the weekend box-office beating "The Maze Runner" starring Dylan O'Brien and Ki Hong Lee with $12 million. "Left Behind" starring Nicolas Cage with $6.8 million.

"The Boxtrolls" also beat "This Is Where I Leave You" with $4 million, "Dolphin Tale 2" with $3.5 million, "Guardians of the Galaxy" starring Chris Pratt with $3 million and "No Good Deed" with $2.5 million.

On top of the weekend box-office are "Gone Girl" starring Ben Affleck with $38 million, "Annabelle" with $37.2 million and "The Equalizer" starring Denzel Washington with $19 million, US News reported.