"The Maze Runner" actor Ki Hong Lee has recently talked about his experience with the filming of James Dashner's eponymous film adaptation including snakes on the set and "bromance" with his co-actors.

In the dystopian film, Lee plays Keeper of the Runners named Minho, who is one of the boys called Gladers with no memories of the past but have to find their way out of a maze as they are trapped in isolated paradise called the Glade.

Minho is the buff partner of lead character Thomas played by Dylan O'Brien.

Lee admitted he was concerned about the copperheads that crept into the "The Maze Runner" set in Louisiana.

"I definitely saw a lot. The snake wrangler put them in buckets," he told Gotham Magazine.

According to Lee, his character is "extremely athletic and has a bit of sass and sarcastic humor."

"When I was offered the role I was ecstatic. I had read the book and he was one of my favorite characters and I told myself that I had to play him," Lee told Yahoo! Entertainment.

In order to help him get into the character, the actor said he "made up some backstory for Minho and wrote the Runner's Code: 'Never Stop Running,' 'Always Be Alert,' 'Bring Back Hope' as well as The Runner's Manual."

Lee admitted that there was certainly a high level of "bromance" on the set of "The Maze Runner" as he and his co-actors loved working together. He also revealed that they would get together and have pot luck dinners in someone's room after filming.

"We all stayed at the same hotel so that helped us bond as a family. Post filming, we have get-togethers whenever someone is in town and we have a chat room via text with all the cast mates," Lee revealed.

Prior to his role in "The Maze Runner," Lee has also appeared on several TV shows including "Modern Family," "New Girl" and "NCIS," among others.

Though he has been working with Hollywood actors for a couple of years now, Lee said that his admiration still goes to South Korean actor Song Kang Ho.

"Song Kang Ho is a Korean actor that I like. He brings such vulnerability to his characters which I admire and he's always interesting to watch," said Lee, who was born in South Korea but raised in Southern California, according to Pacific Citizen.