Dylan McDermott And Maggie Q Discuss The Relevance Of ‘Stalker’

Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott, the stars of the new television series "Stalker," discussed how the show touches on serious and real-world topics in an interview with Collider.

In the series, the actors star as detectives of the Los Angeles Police District's Threat Assessment Unit who investigate cases regarding the victims of stalking, CBS News reported.

According to McDermott and Q, the subject of stalking has become a serious problem especially with the popularity of social online networks.

"It's a subject matter that's out in the world, more and more it feels like," McDermott said. "That's why the show is so timely. You're hearing more about stalkings, not just with celebrities, but with regular people, it seems to be more pervasive that it's ever been."

"You look in your rearview mirror a little bit more, when you're driving," he said.

For Q, she hopes the show will make people more cautious about what kind of information they share with the public through their online accounts.

"This is a show that I hope makes young women and girls, and people who are on social media, think twice about what they're putting out there," she said. "I think we're not protecting ourselves the way that we should, and we are giving too much information."

"Because of our access to each other, stalking has increased 30% in the last decade," Q continued. "It's not just a look over your shoulder thing. Be careful what you put out there."

McDermott also said that "Stalkers" will feature cases involving regular people and celebrities. He noted that the case of Rebecca Schaffer, the model and television actress who was murdered by her stalker in 1989, will also be explored in the series, according to Daily Mail.

"We also dive into the entertainment world and the actresses who gets stalked," he said. "That's an interesting case because this unit started because of Rebecca Schafer, so we're diving into that area as well."

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