'Dracula Untold' Star Luke Evans Talks Jason Statham, Dominic Cooper; Sarah Gadon Reveals Why She Did Said Film

"Dracula Untold" actor Luke Evans has recently revealed his favorite Jason Statham film.

"I think my favourite is 'Transporter.' I love that film. It's an awesome film and he's fantastic in it. I mean I do like Jason Statham as a person and as an actor, I think he's a great performer and he delivers every time," Evans said during an interview with Den of Geek.

Evans also said he felt very happy that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's boyfriend was his big brother in "Fast and the Furious 7."

"He's my brother! My older brother, yeah, picking up all the pieces of my disastrous efforts," Evans said of Statham, whom he also worked with on the 2011 film "Blitz."

In "Dracula Untold," which hit theaters on Oct. 3, Evans plays Vlad opposite Sarah Gadon, who plays Vlad's wife, Mirena. Dominic Cooper is portraying the main antagonist Mehmed.

According to Evans, he cut his eye during a "huge scene" with Cooper and had to take the afternoon off because he was concussed.

"Apart from the fact that we were in that humungous armour which inhibited our movements, we had to ignore the fact we couldn't move properly in it and just have to go for it every single take and then we were standing on all these coins," Evans explained.

For Evans, Gadon is a "revelation" in "Dracula Untold" and described her as "really, really great and she's one of the only females in the film," so he feels like "she's doing it for the female audience, definitely."

Gadon, on the other hand, jokingly told The Irish Independent, "Something that really attracted me to the project was just that I got to kiss Luke for like a good a couple of days straight. So I was like, I'm okay with this, happy to sign on to the project!"

For Gadon, what she loved about "Dracula Untold" is that "there's this classic love story at the heart of it, and again, it's not about forbidden love but it's about a love we celebrate and sacrifice for."

In another interview with XPOSE entertainment, Gadon said she was pretty scared of Evans' character in the film.

"I mean, the man is very imposing. He can be pretty terrifying but he can also be really sweet and we got along really well off set, so that was fun," she said.

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