‘Fast And Furious 7’ Villain Jason Statham Slams Ryan Seacrest Over Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Source

"American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest reportedly tried to hit on model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at a party, which got him into trouble with Jason Statham.

"Ryan was making (Huntington-Whiteley) laugh, and she squeezed his arm (then) he put his arm around her waist," a source told Star Magazine for their Sept. 29 issue.

Since he could not contain himself, the "Fast And Furious 7" villain reportedly looked really annoyed, stormed over and "kept bumping Ryan's arm and almost pushed him out of the way" while his girlfriend was "smiling but at the same time clearly trying to calm him down."

With Statham's anger "evident to anyone who took a look at them," nobody at the party "really wanted to approach them after that, and they left shortly afterward. Everyone was talking about it later on. It was seriously awkward," according to the source.

Prior to this, Kelly Brook called her ex-boyfriends Statham and Billy Zane "pigs" in her tell-all autobiography entitled "Close Up."

According to the 34-year-old British model who is engaged to former "Gladiators" actor David McIntosh, Statham called her in 2013 to say he loved her after she broke up with British rugby star Danny Cipriani, IB Times reported.

"I read the next day that he'd broken up with Rosie so it was obvious why he called. I don't want to be a crutch for someone and I thought it was a genuine phone call. Men are such pigs. He and Rosie got back together and I haven't heard from him since," Brook explained.

Also, she said Zane wanted her to look like either "a 1960s Bond girl or a 1950s housewife."

Meanwhile, "Ghostbusters" star and screenwriter Dan Aykroyd recently said he wants Statham to be in a new "Ghostbusters" sequel.

"There is so much talent coming out of the UK but I would love to see Jason Statham as a Ghostbuster in some capacity. He's a lot of fun," Aykroyd said in an interview with "London Live."

"My whole thinking on 'Ghostbusters' now, is it's beyond just a sequel, a prequel, another movie, another TV show," Aykroyd previously told the Belfast Telegraph.

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