‘Pillars Of Eternity’ For PC Delayed To 2015

The release date for the role-playing video game "Pillars of Eternity" has been delayed, Game Spot reported.

Originally, Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind the game, targeted the end of 2014 for the official launch of "Pillars of Eternity." However, in a recent post on the Obsidian forum, the studio announced that it is pushing back the release of the game to 2015.

According to Obsidian, the decision to delay the game was the result of the feedback the company received from gamers during its open development phase.

"Through your help and feedback, the 'Pillars of Eternity' team has spent the past two years creating a fun, fulfilling experience," the company wrote. "An open development enabled us to interact with our fans and backers in a way we weren't able to in the past."

"This has really helped shape 'Eternity' into a game that we all hoped it would become," Obsidian added.

In order to incorporate the helpful comments from fans and supporters alike, the studio decided to return the game into its development phase. The delay will give developers enough time to improve the quality of "Pillars of Eternity," according to Polygon.

"To incorporate as much feedback as possible, polish every nook and cranny of the game, and make sure we don't ship a buggy game, Obsidian has decided to push the game's release to early next year," the studio explained.

"We are going to use the extra time to make 'Eternity' shine for our backers, and a game that we were proud to call our own and would live up to your expectations," Obsidian continued. "Once again, we want to thank you for making this all possible. With your help we can bring 'Eternity' across the finish line."

Obsidian did not provide an exact release date but noted that it will launch the game in early 2015. "Pillars of Eternity" will be available for the Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X platforms.

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