Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Throwback Thursday Diva Inspirations

Looking for some divalicious throwback inspiration for your upcoming Halloween party? Consider these legendary queens.

Sometimes a costume ball calls for something chic instead of blood and gore. Skip the guts and gool and opt for some inspiration from the beauties that have come before you. Check out our 10 creative costume ideas so you can start to collect your makeup and accessories early:

Diana Ross and The Supremes. Whether you're going solo or coordinating your costume with friends, consider Ms. Ross if you wanna go super glam. Diana rocked glittery gowns, bright and bold lipstick shades, and highlighted her big eyes with super long spider lashes. Grab a mile high wig and get retro with the styling!

Twiggy. Pay homage tot he queen of the mod 60's. Who doesn't love Twiggy, the it-girl with the boyish figure, cute crop, and of course that eye makeup. Take your tutorial on it from Twiggy herself. "It was a very specific look, heavy round the eyes," the model once said. "I'd mess about with eye black - a pot of solid black liner mixed with a bit of spit on the end of a fine brush. I wanted smoky eyes like the 1930s screen goddesses."

Veronica Lake. This is who the super sexy Jessica Rabbit cartoon was modeled after. Known for her signature 'peek-a-boo' hairstyle, Lake embodied a sultry vixen style that captivated audiences and made her a beloved pinup girl of her era. Start with a deep side part and then give hair a good blowout for a solid good base. 

Cher. Sure this gorgeous goddess has been blonde and red and worn every headdress in between, but no one does brunette like Cher. Her super long tresses became part of the star's signature early on in her career and continue to be what she is most known for. Turn back time like Cher and throw it back to the 80's with a wig that everyone will recognize! 

The Ronettes. The legendary girl group called The Ronettes are a great Halloween costume idea for you and your girl crew. The Ronettes were known for their super winged out cat eye eyeliner, along with their mile high beehive hair, and melodic voices of course.

See any divas you identify with? Let us know with a note below and we'll share our next 5 on Monday in case you need more Halloween fabulosity.

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