Ariana Grande, the music industry's latest "it" girl certainly has 'one less problem' when it comes to her gorgeous hair.  Her signature ponytail has everyone jealous of her voluminous, perfectly tousled locks!  

Not many of us can say we have the thickness and volume Ariana has to pull it off her go-to pony. So take notes on what celebrity stylist Josue Perez has to say on how to get Grande's terrific tresses.

Josue, just how does Ariana keep her hair so fabulously soft and shiny with so much styling 24/7?

Using heat protectant serums or sprays before styling with hot tools like blow dryers or straighteners is key, and will definitely help the hair stay healthy even if she has it styled 24/7. Another great way to keep hair moisturized is by doing hair treatments. Doing a conditioning hair mask once a week can go a long in preserving the natural moisture of hair.

What is the secret to getting hair like Ariana's?  Is it simply good genes?  Any hope for the rest of us?

She was definitely blessed with thick, voluminous hair! The best way to get hair like Ariana's is to keep it healthy. Regularly trim your hair to avoid split ends and invest in quality hair products that help protect the hair during styling.

What about Ariana's color? How do we mimic this level of perfection?

It's all about preservation of the color! Use a shampoo and a conditioner with color-protecting ingredients tailored to your shade, and avoid styling products (like mousse and gel) with alcohol listed in the top five ingredients-it'll just dry your hair out.

How do we replicate this pretty little pony? Tips to choosing hair and the right length?

The first step is a great blow out. Use an ionic blow dryer and straightener to get the hair sleek and straight. To add extra volume like Ariana's, use you can use an extension, like the LUXHAIR HOW Circle Extension.

Next, section the top part of the hair, starting right above your ears and circling around the whole top part of your head. Secure into a ponytail with an elastic. For a finishing touch, wrap a small section of the hair around the elastic to cover it and secure underneath the pony with a bobby pin. 

Look out for more tips from Josue tomorrow on how to steal Ariana's signature high ponytail swag!