Who knew a professional salon blowout could last you up to 72 hours? Stylist Mario Russo, that's who!

As owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, Russo is sharing his top tips for how to keep your blow-dry lasting. If you missed Part One click here.

Check out Mario's second set of essential tips to make your hair last 3 long blissful blow out days:

Put a Cap On It. Mario says using a normal, plastic shower cap during your shower can allow for moisture to slip into the parts of your hair that aren't covered.

"Instead, try sectioning off bigger pieces of your hair and loosely wrap them up in Velcro curlers, using bobby pins to secure any loose strands," Russo said.

"Once all of the curlers are placed, wrap your head in a cotton-lined shower cap, providing another layer of protection against the moisture and steam."

"The curlers provide a boost of volume, making your blow-dry look brand new, while the cloth shower cap will provide extra protection against the moisture in the air!" Great tip!

Beauty Sleep. Whoever said the fabric scrunchies from the 80s were out of style, has never gotten a blow out before! As we all know, while you're sleeping, your hair can become a tangled mess.

"Since rubber hair elastics break your hair and leave unwanted creases on your locks, what's a girl to do? Putting your hair up in a fabric, cloth scrunchie is the perfect way to keep your locks in line.

Loosely wrap your hair up in a high bun and use a scrunchie to secure it," Russo instructed. 

And if you're looking to score extra waves, lightly twist hair back and forth as you form the bun shape. Make sure the bun is placed at the crown of your head, so it avoids friction from your pillow.

Rain, rain, go away. "The humidity and moisture of a rainy day is the number one killer of a great blow-dry. If your hair happens to catch some drops of rain, immediately apply a dime-size amount of your favorite anti-frizz serum throughout your mane," the expert instructed.

"Instead of your hair drying into a frizzy mess, the serum will help your hair dry in smoother waves, transitioning your blow-dry into a soft, 'blown-out' look."

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