With blow-dry bars continuing to pop up all over the country, more and more women are opting for professionals to wash and style their locks.

And when you're spending $35+ for a professional blow-dry, you definitely want your style to last more than just 24 hours!

Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, whose team of stylists are well-regarded for their luxurious blow outs, has shared his top tips for how to keep your blow-dry lasting for days. 

Start with a Clean Canvas. "In order to make sure your blow-dry lasts for days after your trip to the salon, head to your appointment with squeaky clean hair! Shampoo your hair two to three times the night before you're due for a blow-dry," Russo instructed.

"When you arrive at the salon, your stylist will wash your hair again, and the combination of that wash and your pre-washes will ensure a clean canvas for a grease-free blow-dry."

But Russo warns this is not to be your hair care norm! "Typically, we recommend people do not wash their hair multiple times in one day, however, when you're about to get a blow-dry that you want to last for days, having super clean hair is the perfect prep!"

Less is More. "One of the first steps to ensure a long-lasting blow-dry begins at the shampoo and condition sink. When it comes to blow-dries, less is more," the expert dished.

"Ask your stylist to use a volumizing product at the sink and either skip the conditioner, or only apply a small amount of conditioner to only the ends of your hair."

"When you head to the salon chair, you'll also want to re-emphasize that you don't want your locks to be overloaded with product. A few drops of serum or a heat protectant should be sufficient to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free, without weighing it down."

Russo says look for a stylists that's willing to hear you out and what you need for your hair. "As stylists, we love products, but we also love our clients - a good stylist will listen to your needs and requests, and make recommendations based on your hair type."

Russo has more where this came from! Check out Part 2 of our chat with him Monday where he keeps the professional tips coming for making your blowout last a full 3 days.