Delay Of iPhone 6’s Release In China Is A Blessing For Opportunists

Hundreds of opportunists are lining up to buy multiple units of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in an attempt to capitalize on the devices' delayed launch in China, Reuters reported.

Due to regulatory issues which postponed the scheduled release of the new iPhones in the country, people in Japan, Australia and Singapore are buying in bulk to resell them to Chinese buyers.

One of those taking advantage of the delay is 28-year-old Hong Kong native Justin Leung. According to Leung, he contracted his friends in Japan to purchase 35 iPhone 6 units in Tokyo. He is planning on reselling the devices once they arrive.

Like Leung, an anonymous Chinese citizen revealed that he paid a group of people in Japan to purchase the mobile devices for him, First Post has learned.

The same situation can be seen in other countries. In Singapore, people are lining up in Apple stores to get multiple iPhone 6 units with the intention of reselling them to dealers in China.

Aside from the units, the iPhone 6's accessories are also in demand. Clarence Chen of Singapore said he and 13 of his friends have camped out of Apple stores to purchase the handsets for the device.

Chen said someone offered to pay them to get the accessories.

"Our boss is paying us about $150 per job," Chen revealed. "We are all buying two - one maybe for ourselves, the other to sell."

According to dealers in Hong Kong, they plan to resell the smuggled gold versions of the iPhones for about 20,000 Hong Kong dollars. This is twice as much as the device's original price on the Apple website, according to Quartz.

Ironically, the journey of the iPhone 6 started in Apple's manufacturing partners in China. However, due to legal implications, the company's highly anticipated device cannot be released in the country.

Although the device has received approval for domestic use, Apple is still waiting for a network license before it could release the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China.

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