First Person To Get iPhone 6 In Perth Drops It On Live TV

The first person to buy the newly released iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia dropped his purchase as he was being interviewed live by a TV reporter, the Daily Mirror reports.

Jack Cooksey, who had reserved his iPhone, was approached by a TODAY Perth crew after he bought his unit at Perth Apple Store. He was opening the package to show it to the reporter when it slipped off his hands and fell onto the concrete floor.

The device didn't seem to have been damaged."It's all good," Cooksey said as he picked it up.

"I dropped in a panic to get it open," Cooksey later told Perth Now. "Luckily, it's covered in plastic."

He also shared how excited he was to be tinkering with it.

"I just can't wait to open it again - and not drop it," he said.

Cooksey was among the hundreds of people to avail of the new device from the store, with more than 200 of them camping out overnight to get in line. Having reserved his iPhone 6, he was able to avoid the much longer lines and instead queued up with other customers who have secured their units prior.

As the first country to have the new iPhone available, Australia had its Apple stores crowded by flocks of customers, with some traveling from as far as overseas. Sydney, where the flagship store is located, was the first city in the world to sell the device.

With the hype around the product, which is typical of Apple offerings, frenzy erupted among some customers as they fought to secure their places in the queues. Tempers even flared among them.

Australia's 9News has linked a video of a customer yelling at police as he complained about queue jumpers. The man was eventually moved to the back of the line after the altercation.

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