Commercial music streaming service Spotify has studied the music-listening habits of college students in the US and subsequently ranked the 40 most "musical" universities.

Through the "Insights" blog of Spotify's subsidiary The Echo Nest, the streaming service gathered data for the survey from its student subscription campaign. The results are diverse and encompassing, notes Billboard.

Echo Nest director of developer platform Paul Lamere revealed that Arizona State University topped the list and called the institution "the most musical university in America," followed by Auburn, Brigham Young, California Polytechnic State and Cornell.

In addition to students' amount of music consumption, the study also found out which styles, artists and songs they listen to the most, and which they listen to and like the least. A listener can "Like" or "Dislike" a track when using the Spotify's "radio" service.

For example, New York University students listen to slowcore and "hipster" playlists more than the populace of any other university.

Meanwhile, University of Colorado Boulder students were found to listen to the service's study-oriented "Focus" playlist the most and are also the top streamers of music listed under "Relax." The studentry "Disliked" Beyonce quite a number of times, says Huffington Post.

The University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) isn't fond of Skrillex, while Cornell University enjoys electronic dance music (EDM) and singer Lana Del Ray. Iowa State University, the University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign and Penn State University do not share the liking for the singer.

The study also got insight into the sleeping habits of each school's students via gathered information on which times of the day they access music via Spotify.

UCLA students go to sleep the latest, at 1:45 am. Cornell University students, meanwhile, have a listening peak between 6 am and 7 am and are likely to exercise before class more than those at any other school.

The 40 most musical schools according to Spotify are as follows, as published by "Insights":

01. Arizona State University
02. Auburn University
03. Brigham Young University
04. California Polytechnic State University
05. Cornell University
06. Florida State University
07.Georgia Institute Of Technology
08. Indiana University Bloomington
09. Iowa State University
10. Miami University
11. Michigan State University
12. New York University
13. Northeastern University
14. Ohio State University
15. Pennsylvania State University
16. Purdue University
17. Texas A&M University
18. Texas Tech University
19. University Of Alabama
20. University Of Arizona
21. University Of Arkansas Fayetteville
22. University Of California Berkeley
23. University Of California Los Angeles
24. University Of Central Florida
25. University Of Colorado Boulder
26. University Of Florida
27. University Of Georgia
28. University Of Illinois Urbana Champaign
29. University Of Michigan Ann Arbor
30. University Of Minnesota Twin Cities
31. University Of Missouri Columbia
32. University Of North Texas
33. University Of Oklahoma
34. University Of Pennsylvania
35. University Of Southern California
36. University Of Texas Austin
37. University Of Virginia
38. University Of Washington
39. University Of Wisconsin Madison
40. Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University