Music Streaming Service Deezer Coming To US, Boasts Better Audio

Music stream service Deezer is coming to the U.S. seven years after it was launched in Paris, Mashable reports.

The service, ranked as the second-biggest music streaming service in the world, will start offering subscriptions to a version called Deezer Elite on Sept. 15 in the U.S. It will make its way to markets outside the country thereafter.

Deezer said this version boasts of an audio bit rate that is five times better than other streamers, according to Los Angeles Times.

With this quality, the company seeks to be able to compete in a crowded music streaming industry in the U.S. that is dominated by Spotify, Google Play, Pandora and Apple's Beat Music.

"There is a section of music fans that defines themselves with a commitment to hardware and listening to only high-resolution sound quality," Deezer's Chief Executive of North America Tyler Goldman told Venture Beat.

"Those fans spend the most money on music and are also the most underserved when it comes to streaming," he continued.   

So to achieve a greatly enhanced listening experience, Deezer has partnered with Sta. Barbara, CA wireless speaker company Sonos, which will stream music through its systems over in-home Wi-Fi.

Additionally, Sonos customers who will subscribe to Deezer Elite may also listen to standard definition tracks on their mobile phones and computers, according to Mashable.

Goldman said Deezer does not expect to convert many subscribers of the top streaming services in the U.S., according to VentureBeat. Instead, it is targeting mainly audiophiles, who want their music to be five to 10 times as good as those that can be purchased on iTunes or streamed via Spotify or Pandora.

"More than two billion people listen to music on a regular basis," Goldman told Mashable. "There's not one experience for all. Deezer has been successful by tailoring its experience market by market," he said.

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