Iggy Azalea Slaps Ex-Boyfriend with Copyright Infringement and Forgery Lawsuits

Iggy Azalea has taken a legal action against her ex-boyfriend who is trying to cash on her by suing him over copyright infringement and falsification of documents.

On Wednesday, the "Fancy" hit maker reportedly filed a lawsuit at a California federal court against Maurice Williams - also known as Hefe Wine or Wine O - a Houston-based rapper who claimed to be her ex-boyfriend, former manager, and partner in an alleged sex tape.

In the lawsuit obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the Australian rapper alleges that Williams downloaded the contents of her computer without her consent several years back - when they were still living together in Atlanta - and has been using a forged contract to release some of her music he obtained.

In July, Williams reportedly announced that certain companies had secured the rights to an EP of Iggy's 2008 music called "Inizio." Some of the tracks had managed to appear in digital music stores before the superstar's label forced to shut them down with cease-and-desist orders.

Azalea's lawsuit alleges that the music derived from her unreleased masters comprises violations of the artist's copyright, name, trademark and likeness. Furthermore, the rapper claims conversion of stolen information from her personal computer.

Azalea's lawsuit came in the midst of a sex tape - not mentioned in the court documents - that Williams is trying to sell to Vivid Entertainment claiming he has a contract signed by the star allowing him to "manufacture, sell, distribute and advertise 'any' recording embodying visual images," TMZ reported.

The lawsuit however, alleges that the agreement was a forged, modified version of an artist management contract that Azalea once signed with a firm, thus Williams does not have the legal rights to release her music, use the "Iggy Azalea" mark, or profit from her image and likeness.

Williams is reportedly unreachable for comments as of late.

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