The Change Up: Beauty Swaps You Must Make For Fall

So we don't know about you, but the morning commute is getting a whole lot cooler lately.

Fall is officially here and though we may have told you what 5 things not to do this fall, we haven't told you what 5 things you must change along with the season:

Lotion. The struggle to maintain moisturized skin is a never-ending saga! Add the cooler months to the equation and dry cracked skin begins to creep up. Don't let it! Swap your lighter lotion for a thicker body butter or formulas with glycerin, olive oil, vitamin E, or reservatrol.

Facial Moisturizer. So we give most gals a pass for not using these during the sweaty summer, but once the fall and winter hit, swap your current facial lotion for some gold old-fashioned facial oil.

These tried and true emollients work wonders for, help seal in moisture, and give a subtle glow to skin.

Fragrance. Put the light body mist away for a more heavier scent to go with the season. Give the oceans and fruity flavors a break in exchange for warmer scents that'll stick with you through the frigid air.

Our personal faves include notes of vanilla, along with woody notes with hints of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

Foundation. Hate to break it to ya, but that summery tan you got over the last three months will fade faster than you think.

Time to head back to the slightly lighter shade, perfect for blending with your tanned face makeup for now, before it's ready to take over.

Facials. Pampering yourself should be a year round practice, but the change of season means changing out the prettifying ingredients.

Get into the spirit of fall and treat skin to a pumpkin masque, or if you're feeling sluggish from the busy grind, experience the pick-me-up effects a caffeine-infused facial can do.

Ready to swap summer out for fall? Tell us with a note below!

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